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Who In Da Mornin

The second in a series of love letters to Black people living in the diaspora, Who in Da Mornin’ takes us to the Bahamas where Junkanoo, a musical street parade based on West African culture, is the highlight of every Boxing Day and New Year’s Day celebration. 2022 will mark the first widely celebrated Junkanoo festival since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through artful storytelling, interviews, and cinema verité, Filmmakers Philip Williamson Jr. and Jonathan Isaac Jackson embark  on a discovery of Junkanoo, illustrating  that it is not only influenced by the traditions and cultures of West Africa, but also uncovers the complicated relationship between Britain, Africa, and the countries in the Caribbean from the inception of slavery to the current symbols of celebration and national identity.




The Shell Saxon Superstars, known simply as “The Saxons”, prepare for their first Junkanoo in 2 years, with the delay due to COVID. As they create costumes honoring the tradition of The Bahamas, practice movements and instrumentation, the history of Junkanoo and the Bahamas are explored through interviews, showing how a black country maintains being one of the richest countries in the Americas.

Directed by Philip Williamson Jr.

Produced by The Colored Section

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